The problems we are solving

Adverse skin conditions: wrinkles; dryness; acne; dark spots; sun damage. All over the world, consumers buytopical VitaminC skin care products. They pay $20-$60 per ounce for fortified topical VitaminC serums, cremes and lotions. Topical VitaminC works, proven in clinical studies,including biopsies,to stimulate collagen, hydrate and plump skin to diminish fine lines and wrinkles, combat free radicals that oxidize and destroy skin vitality, lighten dark spots and regulate pigmentation irregularities. There is a confusing array of Vitamin C products available, so to make value clear and pricing attractive for consumers, OrangeDaily®focuses on a single lineof 7 therapeutic and regimen skin care products, with 42 other formulations for skin and hair under developmentto productize as the brand gains tractionglobally. Although major cosmetic brands offer topical VitaminC products-L’Oreal, Clinique, Obagi, Revlon, Max Factor, Oil of Olay, Cetaphil -they also offer hundreds of other skin care and cosmetic products, diluting the emphasis on the benefits of topical VitaminC. OrangeDaily®is solving skin condition problems and intendsto be the preferred brand globally, by elimination the confusion and simplifying the topical VitaminC message to the masses, specializing in "one thing," not a myriad of other products, and making it affordable.


Regimen -to cleanse, tone, moisturize, protect, including Daily Cleanser, Daily Toner, Daily Moisturizing Cream

Therapeutic - to cleanse, tone, moisturize, protectanti-aging, anti-acne, pigmentation management, including 10% Vitamin C Serum, Anti-Aging Tri-Retinol Complex, Eye Complex, Dual-Action Whitening Cream, including Daily Cleanser, Daily Toner, Daily Moisturizing Cream.

Applied in a conscientious and disciplined schedule over a 60-90-dayperiod, topical VitaminC –chemically identical to that used in OrangeDaily®formulations-hasbeen proven to promotecollagen production, protect skin from sun damage,reduce under-eye circles,acceleratehealing, reduce skin discoloration, keep skin looking younger,improve hydration and moisture, enablebrighter, healthier skinandreduce inflammation. AmpacUSA plans to launch new products between 2020 and 2023,includingsun protection SPF50+, moisturizing masks, whiteningmasks, facial moisturizerswith SPF-30, hair oils, full body moisturizers, anti-acne and anti-pollution products.

The Science:

L-Ascorbic Acid, better known as VitaminCis a subject of great interest to scientists and dermatologists all over theworld. The American Academy of Dermatology states that "Topical Vitamin C should be used by everyone every day. No other productingredient provides more therapy to the skin than Topical Vitamin C”.Actual case and clinical studies attest to the efficacy of topical VitaminC. Current research indicates that Vitamin C is a powerful antioxidant that neutralizes free radical damagecausedby the sun and other environmental elementsthat greatly damage the structure and appearance of the skin. Topical VitaminC is photoprotective —protecting the skin against both UVB and UVA exposure. Protection against UVA is a particularly strong benefit not adequately provided by most sunscreens.Topical VitaminC stimulates collagen production, which leads to connective tissue changes that reduce wrinkling of the skin and give skin a smooth, firm and youthful appearance. Topical Vitamin C corrects hyper-pigmentation which improves skin color and appearance.

Market Opportunity: 

OrangeDaily®is focused on building global distribution of "one thing." Not diluting the message and marketing dollars on a host of other cosmetic products, all products in the foreseeable future will center around topical VitaminC for skin and hair care.OrangeDaily®currently hasexclusive distributors coveringThe United States, Canada, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Jordan, Kuwait, Vietnam, China(T-Mall Global) and Singapore. AmpacUSA has an alliance with the US Department of Commerce and has opened distribution channels into India, Nigeria, Ghana, Cameroon, Togo, Republic of Benin, South Africa, Mexico and the EU. Registration has been submittedfor 2019 in 27 EU countries,plusBritain, India, Nigeria, Ghana, Republic of Benin, Togo, and Cameroon.  Registration will be submitted Q3 2019 in Mexico, Qatar, UAE, Morocco, Tunisia, Algeria, Chile, Peru, Columbia and South Africa. AmpacUSA is scheduling full registration in 54Countries in 2019.

Business Model: 

OrangeDaily®is currently sold in pharmacies, spas, dermatology clinics, in 9 countries outside the USA. Market entry is far easier and less expensive overseas, hence the concentration on these markets for the past 20 years. With the advent of the Internet and today’s advanced e-commercedriven by social media and email direct marketing, the rules of retail changed to favor an online marketing emphasis planned for rollout in 2019. Strategic partnerships with threeleading e-commerce firms will enable OrangeDaily®to gain global presence in stores, homes and mobile devices in the countries listed above, virtually overnight. Hence the need for immediate capital to ensure adequate supplies to meet demand. Experts have designed and are implementing online marketing campaigns focused on allsocial media networks and the world’s leading third-party sales platforms including Amazon,, Instagram, TMall-China, FlipKart, Nykaa, Google Search Certified, Google Ads, Bing Search, Bing Ads, Shopifyand a host of others


The CEO is a 24-year veteran executive, expert in the global skin care industry and dermatology, a brand manager for one of the world’s leading skin care products, with experience establishing brands in over 150 countries and sales exceeding $4 billion. The COO is the founder of the company, developer and formulator of all OrangeDaily®Products and manager of all manufacturing, production and global distribution. The VPs for 3rd Party online sales platforms,including and Amazon,are 18-year veterans in the global e-commerce marketing industry. The social and digital marketing consultants include one of the top-10 Google-certified professionals in the US. The financial lead consultants have 30+ years in corporate finance, including participation in raising over $230 million in PPOs and IPOs, with $50 million raised in individual investor placements plus the generation of two successful NASDAQ public offerings.